Saturday, February 7, 2015

LD In The Media: Honda HR-V

There's a flood of misconceptions about dreaming and lucid dreaming that are often perpetuated by mass media, but not always. Sometimes they just get lucky, and sometimes they do their homework. I don't know which holds true for Honda Australia, but my highly critical eye finds no faults with their advertisement.

Reading about lucid dreaming before bedtime is none other than Waking-Induced Lucid Dreaming, and a common enough strategy for beginners.

While many new to the dream-scene might find their car displays nonsensical or non-functional, it doesn't hold true for everyone. The same goes for clockfaces, the printed word in books, even license plates.

Also, layered dreams are not fictional. While rare and often degrees more difficult to control, it is perfectly reasonable and possible. We haven't gotten to that topic yet on here, but I can promise you that it's coming.

Honda Australia gets the DreamC Seal of Approval, which is more than I can say for Inception.

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