Saturday, April 11, 2015

Astral Projection from A Dreamer's Perspective

See, they use video feeds from intersections and specifically designed algorithms to predict traffic conditions and thereby control traffic lights. So all I did was come up with my own kick ass algorithm to sneak in and now we own the place.
-Lyle, aka Napster from Italian Job

I don't really believe in astral projection, though I do believe the concept is intriguing. To be able to move one's point of view from just behind the eyes and ahead of the ears to somewhere outside of the body altogether.

Spiritually, I believe any such thing is impossible. However, I have managed a degree of control of my imagination that allows me to internalize and control many things, including and up to building a world for myself inside of my head. Why can't I build a better world, and then superimpose it on reality?

If I can imagine the world perfectly, I can imagine things happening that are outside of my normal, physical range to observe, and then, if my world is indeed perfect, what I imagine myself observing is actually happening outside my head.

Why not?

It's using computer terminology to take on something so far beyond technology itself, to take on the fabric of reality itself. All I have to do is mold my brain into the right algorithm.

I am well familiar with the data storage limitation, where, in order to perfectly store all the data of the universe, one needs a storage container the size of the universe. In order for myself to perfectly contain the world in my imagination, my imagination has to grow to the size of the world.

Psychology allows for that. Dreams have long been considered a way to tap into the collective unconscious of the entire human race. With the right level of patience and personal training, I don't have to store all the data in my own head; instead, I can tap into the data storage of every human being living.

I know the idea sounds ludicrous. So does the idea of astral projection. You have to ask yourself: which one seems more believable?

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